Students Opinions on New Apple Drops

Melanie Southern, Writer

Apple has come out with the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16. Although Bloomington South students are loving the new iOS, they are reluctant to buy the new iPhone. With new updates, changes, and products that Apple has to offer, it’s a mix of feelings towards the new technology.  

In early September, Apple came out with the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus. With 20 hours of battery life, new customization features, 21% more screen space, safety features and better camera quality, Apple says the new iPhone is a big leap for the company and will be enjoyed by others. However, Apple is raising their prices for the new phones to at least $100 from the previous phone, and with the iPhone 14 pro, it’s even higher.

Students think the iPhone is lacking originality and are questioning whether the new iPhone is worth the buy. “The new phones are almost exactly the same as the ones before…people don’t want to waste their money on such a small difference“ said freshman Ka’vell Ellis. “I think the little changes to the phone and how expensive it is affects the phone being sold greatly.” 

Not only did Apple come out with the latest iPhone, but they also came out with a new and improved iOS: iOS 16. The new iOS has many new features like the new iPhone, including lock screen customization, notification improvements, message changes, maps update and security advances. South students are huge fans of the new update and are loving the changes Apple has brought. The fan favorite of the new iOS is the lock screen customization feature. “I like it because I can have multiple lock screens to switch through. It’s just way faster” says freshman Carter Short. Akasha Burton agreed, “You can arrange your background without any trouble”.

With Apple’s new technologies, South students are enjoying the iOS, but are anticipating more from the iPhone and are excited for what Apple has to offer in the future.