South Could Offer AP African American History Course

Truman Daleke, Staff Writer

We have an AP World history course. We have an AP US history course. We have an AP European history course. But what about an AP African American history course?

Coming in the 2024-25 school year, College Board has been working to develop an AP African American history course. This course will focus on not only the rich history of Africans in the U.S, but also the civil rights struggle, literature, the arts, and geography. 

With Bloomington South constantly looking to increase their large amount of offered AP courses John Livingston, South’s AP coordinator, could see this new course being added to South’s repertoire provided both a teacher is interested in teaching it and students are interested in learning about African American history. “We are always looking to increase our AP offering,” Livingston stated and later went on to say that “Issues dealing with race and equity are currently a point of emphasis within our school corporation.” This has led him to have optimistic thoughts regarding wether or not South will decide to pick up this new course.

Students are equally excited about the possibility of this course being added with senior Jameson Everman being no exception. “I think that South is lacking in representing other cultures.” With this, Everman supports adding the new class.  

Should South offer this course, students would need to enroll when the class is available as the school offers the course first to test interest. Come next January, underclassmen should keep their eyes out for this inclusive course.