South Speaks: Fantasy Football

Emma Kershner, Staff Writer

Several South students are participating in Fantasy Football Leagues, where people manage fake teams that you draft with real NFL players. The points you get are determined by how well the players do in their real games. Sometimes people will create a consequence for whoever the loser ends up being at the end of the league. Here are some of the things students came up with.


“The loser has to eat the spiciest wings at B Dubs.” 

Junior Josh Clark


“Our punishment is the loser has to do the 24 hour IHop challenge where each pancake you eat takes off an hour.”

Junior Madisyn Kress


“In the league, the loser must choose one of two punishments. He must either wax his legs or spend an hour trapped in a dog cage with others able to pour whatever liquids they want on you. There’s differing perspectives on which is worse – waxing your legs takes longer to recover from, but the dog cage is gross.”

Senior Ethan Kiang