Lily Myers Commits to IU XC

Jack Gildea, Staff Writer

Lily Myers, an all state runner and leader of the girls cross country team, has been talking to coaches and looking at colleges for over a year, but she has finally decided she will be going to IU. She chose IU for many reasons, but she took a liking to it particularly because “they have a great history in distance running” and because she “felt like [she] connected with the girls and coaches on the team really well.”

Myers has been a Hoosier her entire life and has therefore always pictured herself going to IU. While IU was not the only college she was strongly considering, she said “when it was time to make a decision, I wanted to consider all of the factors of my college life.” During this process she talked to a lot of coaches but Myers explained “after weighing the pros and cons of each school, I decided that Indiana was the best fit, and I can see myself being happiest there.”

The decision of which college to commit to is a heavy choice which is why she also relied on her coach, Jill Rensink, for support and advice. Rensink advised Myers to “ask the prospective coaches about their training program, so you can see if it fits with what you are comfortable with” so that she could find the best team for herself. Rensink also told her to see if she gels with the coaching staff so she can be coached in the most effective way and improve herself as an athlete.