Badminton Takes Flight in BHSS Wings Club

Nicky Walker, Staff Writer

Take a swing at something new! The recently established Badminton Club, Wings Club, is an excellent opportunity for competitive fun during Panther Plus. Founded by senior Georgia York, the club is focused on providing a low-pressure opportunity for students to learn a cool sport.

Wings Club typically meets at a gym or sports facility such as Twin Lakes Recreation Center. While they hold informational meetings within South to determine their upcoming schedule, the majority of their activities do not take place within the building.

A typical meeting, held in Drey Frey’s room, is only for planning and determining what’s next. In the future, the team has goals of setting up a match with the Bloomington North side of the club.

“Come see what we’re all about,” said York, reasoning that “Badminton is in the Olympics.” York, alongside fellow founders Madelynne Murray, Kayla Tarack, Grace Landgraf, and Ellery Law, hope to bring new attention to a sport not officially South-affiliated. The sport is actually quite popular in other parts of the world, and these students want to promote the sport in Bloomington.

“We just really had an interest. The biggest struggle is finding a time to meet that works with everyone’s busy schedules.” York said.  Any student looking to pick up a fun and social yet competitive atmosphere may just find a home in the BHSS Wings Club.