Into the Woods is Coming to the BHSS Theatre

Jack Crystal, Staff Writer

         If you are a triple threat -someone who can act, sing and dance- you are eligible to audition for the Into the Woods production. Students are now able to reserve an audition slot via the QR code on posters around the school. The audition dates are December 2 and 3 so make sure to reserve your slot ASAP. Into the Woods is a Broadway musical about a combination of different fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. 

         Catharine Rademacher, the BHSS Theatre director, said this play is hard to produce. “Into the Woods is a very challenging musical vocally,” said Rademacher. Since Into the Woods is written by Stephen Sondheim; it is a very challenging piece for most students. Sondheim is widely considered one of the greatest lyricists and songwriters and is compared to Shakespeare because of how revolutionary his work was for Broadway and the theater. His complex rhythms and vocals are what makes his musicals stand out and are the reason why his songs are hard to sing.

      Into The Woods is expensive to put on which is another reason why Rademacher says it is challenging to produce. “[It] costs a lot of money to produce musicals compared to straight plays because of royalties,” said Rademacher. It costs around $500 per performance 

        Before you audition, you should know that this play is a serious commitment. “This [play] is similar to a sport and you have to be able to come to all rehearsals,” said Rademacher. You have to devote a lot of time into practicing and you have to prepare any song from a musical written by Sondheim and perform it in front of Rademacher for the audition. Auditioning is free and you can find the QR code to sign up for the audition on some of the stairs and around the school. You can also sign up via the link on the Theatre South Instagram page.

      There is more info about auditioning for Into the Woods on the BHSS website.