South’s Swim and Dive team prepare to make a splash

Laynie Rearick and Aidan Martin

This month, South’s Swim and Dive team kicked off their season and are currently preparing for the first meet of the year. Teaming up with North’s Swim and Dive team, the two schools will compete against the Terre Haute Sister Cities on Saturday, December 3rd.

So far, the odds seem to be in South’s favor. Senior diver Michael Tierney said, “I feel like we have a pretty good team this year, and it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things, but it looks like we’re going to do well.” He also explained how helpful it is that everyone has each other’s best interests at heart. “We definitely work really well together as a team, and we have a good relationship, and it helps us support each other.”

Freshman diver Lucy Miksza shared her thoughts about her experience on the team. “So far it’s been [going] pretty well, and I’m excited for meets and stuff to start.” Miksza’s main goal for the season is to get higher scores than last year, although she also “want[s] to have fun.”

Of course, training is well underway. Senior swimmer Grace Nelson explained what training entails, “We have eight swim practices a week […] and then we do weights three times a week.” Within those practices, there are warm-up sets, the main set, and a cool-down at the end. Swimmers work on improving all strokes during their swim sets.

Although training is rigorous and requires much hard work and perseverance, Nelson explained that it’s all worth it for the breakfast the teams get after morning practices. “It’s the best part,” she said.

With the team feeling optimistic about their first meet, the rest of the season is bound to be exciting.


Averi Leonard also contributed to this story.