Tune Talk: “Her Loss” Album Review

Layne Barnes, Staff Writer

It’s always a great time when Drake releases an album that not only sounds good, but is loved and given a majority of positive feedback from the music community. November 4, 2022, Drake and 21 Savage released their heavily rumored and speculated collaboration project (album), “Her Loss.” 

This is Drake’s second collaborative album, while this is 21 Savage’s third collaborative album. Drake and 21 have had success together in these past years with songs such as: Jimmy Cooks, Sneakin, Knife Talk, and Mr. Right Now. People have only enjoyed the chemistry that Drake and 21 both have together when on a track together. And all of that plays out into “Her Loss.” With the recent negative feedback listeners have given to Drake for his previous two albums, “Honestly, Nevermind,” and “Certified Lover Boy,” Drake decided to put his foot back on the gas and get to work. 

“Her Loss,” 16 songs with a runtime of 61 minutes is the best Drake album we have had in these past three years. Now a major part of that is 21 Savage. And to furthermore tell why 21 brought out this energy in Drake can be explained from a Drake lyric on “Broke Boys,” “I’m ridin’ around in Atlanta with Sav. Cause that person (21 Savage) been goin’ harder than me.” Here it’s Drake stating that 21 Savage has been going at it recently stronger than Drake has been. Though with that lyric alone, it couldn’t be more contradicting than what happens in “Her Loss.” Drake shines throughout the album, taking up more than half of the runtime alone. With that the areas 21 Savage was in were also just as great. It is a heavily loaded Drake collaboration album, but in a good way

 There’s one feature on “Her Loss,” excluding 21 Savage, but it’s Travis Scott on track 10 of “Her Loss.” It’s a fitting and great Travis verse, let alone being the only feature on the album it really stands out, even more so than some songs. Now getting into the songs, this album has many many great songs, to some either underwhelming, or not to the listeners taste. One song in particular, “Circo Loco” samples one of Daft Punk’s greatest songs , “One More Time.” 

The beats throughout the album are unpredictable, due to the many beat switches presented throughout the album. All around Drake and 21 Savage showed their chemistry together, and brought us an enjoyable project with many great songs, and Drake really showing some hunger.