Bump, set, and spike the SHAN volleyball tourney funds goal


Ashton Crosley, Staff Writer

A volleyball tournament will be held at the BHSS purple gym on December 10th, 2022, at 2 pm. The funds go to Destiny Rescue Mission, a national nonprofit group that works to rescue young people from sex trafficking. A team of six people is required, and you can sign up at this link. It costs $5 per team member if your group pays before the day of the tournament. If your group pays the day of, the cost goes up to $10 per team member. Registration is due the day before the tournament, December 9th.

A Bloomington chapter of the nonprofit, She Has A Name (SHAN), co-run by Indiana University students Eversyn Murphy, Mallory Hockemeyer, Hannah Hutton, and Lauren Caldwell, works to raise money for a national organization. The group is looking to get as many people as possible to show up for the tournament. 

 Come out and support local non-profit organizations, raise money for a great cause, and have fun with your friends!