Mayor of Bloomington honors BHSS students

Aidan Martin, Staff Writer

The Mayor of Bloomington, John Hamilton, nominated 11 BHSS students for the SWAGGER award. The SWAGGER (Students Who Act Generously, Grow and Earn Respect) awards students in Bloomington for their commitment to improving the lives of children, teenagers, adults, and as well as their own.

The nominated students are Delaney Thompson, Ekta Kaul, Elise Erwin, Jael Davis, Jeremiah Boyce, Sanae Davis, Saphyne Franklin, Soraya Bowles, Sydney Crossley, Taylor Neal, and Zion Miya. The three winners of the SWAGGER award are Zion Miya, who won the individual award, and Syndey Crossley and Jael Davis, who won the group award. The mayor also officially named a day in their honor.

Not only does the student receive this award, but they can also be guaranteed additional awards such as tickets or gifts for their hard work.

The SWAGGER award was established by the Commission on the Status of Children and Youth. The community explains that the significance of their program is “to promote connections in [their] community which empower, enhance and nurture children and youth.”

Although the award is given once a year, anyone can nominate a student in Monroe County to be selected for the following year’s awards. To be nominated, a student needs to volunteer at a church, be attending or working at a school, help out a younger sibling or parent, and/or exemplify a positive attitude and show respect towards their peers.

Zion Maya shares his reaction to getting the SWAGGER award.

“I didn’t think it would be me of all people,” Miya said.

Maya also gives advice about what people should do if they want to be nominated.

“Just be cool about certain things and keep a good, healthy mentality.”

If you know a student that will not be graduating next year, consider nominating them for the next SWAGGER award in 2023.