MCCSC Buys Herald Times Property for $2.9 million

Melanie Southern, Writer

The Monroe County Community School Corporation is to start a new chapter in a newly bought property, formerly known as The Herald Times’ property on Walnut Street. The property was bought by MCCSC for $2.9 million. Referendum money was not used in the purchase. 

“We are very excited to acquire such a useful and close proximity to South and our current building, building services center, and transportation building. It’s all together and it was very nice to be able to obtain.” said John Kenny, MCCSC’s Director of Business Operations.

With the addition to the district, Kenny said the building would be used for a welcome center for new students and families. “Bringing students who are new to the district would be a part of the welcome center. It will be defined over time and how we envision using the space.” said Kenny. He adds that a welcome center will expand to many areas, including where the new students who are new to the district will go.  

The building will undergo renovations as soon as MCCSC has access to the property permanently. “It will be at least three months before we have access, then it will be a decision as to whether we’ll move in a little bit or just begin renovations so that we are better equipped for when we move in,” said Kenny. Over time, the building will be renovated as they navigate how the building will be further used. 

History still remains on the property. The old printing press from 1985 still remains in the building at this time. “We are not sure at all with some of the heavy equipment that is still in that building. Things like how to make available space that was formerly a printing press area etc. is a part of what we’ll work on with engineers and architects. Decisions involving the printing press will be made as part of that timeline.Kenny said. However, decisions regarding the printing press haven’t been made at this time.