Lilly Endowment Scholarship goes to two South seniors


Ashton Crosley, Staff Writer

This year, two of the winners of the prestigious Lilly Endowment Scholarship are from Bloomington High School South. Seniors Grace McKay and Jake Keller have been granted the life-changing award. Keller and McKay were called down to the main office on Dec. 9 where they were told of their massive achievement.

Keller said he “felt very surprised and also very excited… for the opportunity.” The winners have both anticipated this moment for a long time now. The application process has been going on since August, and after many rounds the much anticipated moment finally came. McKay said she felt, “very grateful to the people who helped [her] get here.” Many schools have yet to accept or deny a majority of their applicants, including Notre Dame where McKay is interested in attending. With this award, Keller and McKay will both be able to attend any Indiana college or university of which they are accepted to on a full scholarship.