Senioritis is strong in the class of 2023

Nora Doyle , Staff Writer

Senioritis is a real thing, and it has made its mark on the class of 2023. While many students are on the traditional path to graduate in May, many have changed their plans to graduating in February. 

This means that Feb. 16 will be the last day of high school for 49 students. Additionally, Oct. 31 was the last day of school for 15 other seniors, which adds up to 64 total students who have chosen to graduate early. 

According to Amy Coyle from the counselors office, this number is relatively low compared to the number of seniors who graduated early in the two years following COVID-19. Nonetheless, the total number is still high compared to years before COVID-19. 

For many students, the choice to graduate early was for an opportunity to work as much as they can before they start college. Senior Georgia York shared that she wanted to graduate early so she could “have more time to work.” York is also planning on getting a second job with the time that she will gain when she graduates early. 

For other students, the choice to graduate early was simply because they do not enjoy school. Senior Paige Washington shared, “I have had senioritis since last May.”

On the contrary, many seniors wish that they would have taken the time to create a schedule that would have allowed them to graduate early. “I wish I would have graduated early, because I think my third trimester will be pointless,” said senior Cadence Ast. 

Nonetheless, 17% of South’s class of 2023 have chosen to close the chapter on their high school experience early. Some are doing so with a heavy heart, and others are counting down the days till they no longer have to worry about due dates.