Fine Arts Classes Host their Annual Jewelry Sale

Betsy Moore, Staff Writer

The jewelry and metals class is holding their annual Holiday Handmade Jewelry Sale this week. During lunches on Tuesday, December 13 and Wednesday, December 14, metal jewelry will be available for purchase. 

The sale is open to anyone at South, not just art students. “I love to see people [at the sale] who are unfamiliar with the jewelry classes, their eyes light up,” said Angela Berzins, the teacher of both the jewelry class and the stained glass class. The sale attracts students who want to create some of their own jewelry. “It really is a promotion for the class as well,” she said. Sophomore Evelyn Ford said she “enjoys the end result in jewelry. The process can be difficult sometimes, but once it’s completed, it’s all worth it.” 

By selling the jewelry, the sale will “generate funds for things that the stained glass [and] jewelry classes may need,” said Berzins. Jewelry students are encouraged to donate their creations for extra credit, but it is not required. Ford, currently taking her first trimester of jewelry and metals, chose to donate her jewelry because “it’s a unique way of raising money.”

Prices for the sale range from $3 to $10, and a portion of the profits are donated to the animal shelter. “I am a huge animal shelter supporter,” said Berzins. The class wanted to “give back to the community” with this sale, according to Berzins. 

Tomorrow, December 14, is the last day to purchase jewelry, so make sure to stop by the tables next to the cafeteria during all lunches.