Tune Talk: 2023 Music Predictions

Layne Barnes, Staff Writer

After the stellar year music had in 2022, how will 2023 follow up? Only a week into the new year some polarizing artists have already started, or are continuing from 2022, their rollouts or have made mysterious posts online. 


Speaking of mysterious posts, my first prediction is a brand new album from artist Playboi Carti. It’s been a tad over two years since the last Playboi Carti album, which was “Whole Lotta Red.” With how groundbreaking and now loved Whole Lotta Red has become, Carti’s name has grown rapidly. A single selfie he posts online leads to his name being trending. He can do the bare minimum and trend. To back up why I predict his release, Carti has been posting screenshots of audio files that are labeled with producers names, has posted an album or single cover on his Instagram, his team has been hyping up his supposed new sound and how crazy this new album is, and finally he made a return to Twitter and said, “I love all of my supporters. It’s time.” 


My second prediction comes in as a new A$AP Rocky album. It’s been a little over 4 years since the last Rocky album and we’ve been waiting for what Rocky has in store for us. Rocky has already started the rollout to his new album, which is to be called “Don’t Be Dumb.” Rocky had started the rollout around the middle of 2022 with a cover stating his Rolling Loud performance will be his last performance until the album. Even with his Rolling Loud performance not being his last performance until the new album, Rocky had an Amazon Music concert where he performed fan favorites as well as songs yet to be released. Along with a commercial during Thursday Night Football, Rocky said, “The album is done. Don’t Be Dumb.” 


My third prediction is a new album from J Cole. Cole recently cleared his Instagram page, and though it is speculation, Cole had posted what was basically a road map that contained the names of his future albums. To go on with that, Cole’s last album is called, “The Off-Season”, which is named on the road map. So combining both the Instagram wipe and the rap map it isn’t far fetched to expect an album this year.


My last prediction is Travis Scott. It has been almost 5 years since Travis’s last album, and fans have anticipated the album’s release many times, but its just been pushed back over and over again. Travis hasn’t given a set date for his next album’s release, but many fans really feel that he is going to drop it this year. Along with that Travis’s twitter bio is still “UTOPIA”, which is the name of his next album. Though this being one of the more speculative predictions many feel confident in the album dropping in 2023 and with the length of this wait it’s not so much a reach.


Though there are many more predictions to be named, these are ones that have some substance to back them up rather than just pure speculation. And with the current slate of predicted artists to drop this year, 2023 with no doubt can be a great year for music to follow up on 2022’s stellar year.