Local Volunteer Opportunities

Addison Green, Staff Writer

Martin Luther King once said, “What are you doing for others?” With the upcoming commemoration of MLK on Jan. 16, there is no better time to volunteer than now. Here are some local opportunities to get involved in your community. 

If you are interested in helping the animals of Bloomington, look no further than WildCare inc. for a personalized volunteer experience. From learning how to feed baby animals, to releasing animals after rehabilitation, you will be working within your interests under the supervision of a licensed rehabilitator which is an excellent opportunity for those interested.

The Bloomington Animal Shelter is also a great place to help out, although currently, they have many people interested. Please don’t let this stop you, if you are wanting to work at the animal shelter, you can apply to be on a waiting list for volunteer slots. People 16 and older can volunteer alone with a parent form, but 16 and younger need to be accompanied by a legal guardian. In addition, there is a six-month volunteering limit. 

However, if you are more interested in a retail opportunity, try out a position with My Sisters Closet, a non-profit organization assisting women in poverty with job employment, moving towards self-sufficiency, and providing free workforce attire and services. Junior Kenna Dickens says, “I always enjoy my time volunteering at My Sisters Closet. We usually sort clothes and donations to see if they are worth keeping.” Visit the Bloomington Volunteer Website under My Sisters Closet to find more information about MSC and what they currently need to be donated. 

We also have many opportunities available here at South. In terms of clubs, COA, the community outreach association, helps to find volunteer opportunities for their fellow students completing community service hours. Follow their Instagram, @bhsscoa for more updates. 

Another club at South devoted to volunteering is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide, non-profit association with a mission to support affordable housing in communities. However, no need to look further than South. We have our own Habitat club full of volunteering opportunities. Joining Habitat includes going on-site to build houses, for those older than 16, working at Restore, and having fun events to raise money for the builds. Follow the Instagram page, @bhsshabitat, and attend meetings for more information. 

Visit the excellent resource, Bloomington Volunteer Network website to check in on relevant volunteer opportunities around Bloomington. Remember, “Volunteering brings you joy and a sense of pride in helping your community,” said Freshman Ellie Barada, so make sure to pick an organization and go get involved in your community.