Trying to keep your New Years resolution? There’s an app for that!

Jack Crystal, Staff Writer

        There are many ways to keep new year’s resolutions, whether it be putting a Post-it Note on your bathroom mirror or journaling your progress but one effective strategy is downloading apps on your phone to help you. These apps can track your progress and encourage a new good habit or schedule. 

        According to the App store’s “Happening Now” section, there are lots of apps that can help you stay on top of your resolutions. 

        The Gentler Streak Workout Tracker app can help you review your progress if you have an Apple watch by creating a streak recap. This streak recap allows you to see your activity and statistics for the year by partnering with the Health app to get access to your Apple watch. Reviewing your statistics allows you to create realistic goals so that you improve from past averages and see where you fell short to find where you can get better.

       Another app on the “Happening Now” section on the app store is MyFitnessPal, which has the resources to keep track of your diet and calories. According to an article by “the plan to live a healthier lifestyle is once again on top” for the new years resolutions of Americans. MyFitnessPal tracks your macros, gives recipes backed by experts and workout plans to help you live a better lifestyle and improve your health.

       Water Tracker Waterllama, which won the 2022 Cultural Impact App Store Award, is another health related app in the “Happening Now” section. This app gives you reminders to drink water, sets goals, helps building healthy habits and it is apple watch accessible. It is said that drinking water can help you “lose weight”, “reduce stress” and “boost productivity”. It includes fun It also was a 2022 finalist in the Apple Design Award.

        Even though fitness related new year’s resolutions are the most common, there are other resolutions too. Another pretty common resolution is to learn a new language and apps such as Babbel and Duolingo can help achieve that goal. These two apps can help you learn Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese and many other languages. They both have five hundred thousand five star reviews and practice resources that make language learning a lot easier than you’d think.