Riviera Maya Review

Alden Jankowski, Staff Writer

With many Mexican restaurants in and around the Bloomington area, it can take a lot of work to stand out. Stand out is one thing that Riviera Maya does not do well.

Riviera Maya is a recently opened Mexican restaurant on the west side of Bloomington.  While the service was some of the best I have experienced in Bloomington, it just could not make up for the mediocre food. Our server was very attentive and took great care of us throughout the visit. It seemed like the entire staff was very invested in the customer experience which included the manager coming over and making sure that everything was going well. 

While the free chips and salsa were among the best that I have had at a Mexican restaurant in Bloomington, the enchiladas were nothing special. They definitely left something to be desired in the flavor department. The worst part of the meal was the side of beans, which tasted very similar to some that would be found in a can. It is entirely possible that some of the items on the menu are better than others, but as a vegetarian, my options weren’t exactly unlimited. Had the food been exceptionally cheap, I would have understood the general lack of quality, but everything was priced at or above what would be found at a typical Mexican restaurant in Bloomington.

Even though it was not particularly convenient, the newly opened location directly next to Texas longhorn was clean and fairly well decorated. There was also plenty of parking, which made getting in and out easy. Overall, the restaurant experience was enjoyable, but if you are looking for exceptional food, you may want to look elsewhere. Food rating: C+, Atmosphere Rating: B, Service rating: A