Seniors share news of their early college decisions


Nicky Walker, Staff Writer

The Class of 2023 has begun to take the next step, some quicker than others. There are a handful of seniors who are ahead of the curve in their college decisions and already have committed to a university.

Ella Goldman plans to attend Vassar College, a liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York. The college ranks among the top liberal arts colleges in the country, and Goldman praises the “good vibe” of the campus, as she found it was exactly what she was looking for.

“It has a really collaborative environment and it has a good balance of academics and fun activities,” said Goldman, excited to explore a new place and opportunity at Vassar.

Kya Seibert is heading to Brescia University to play soccer and study graphic design. Owensboro, Kentucky, where the school is located, reminds Seibert of Bloomington. 

“Brescia is a great school! I didn’t want anything too big, and I wanted to be able to keep playing soccer. I love the sport and the people I have met through playing it!” Seibert commented. The BU soccer program stood out to Seibert, especially the coaching.

“It felt like the coaches saw me as more than a player. They wanted to get to know me outside of soccer.”

Seibert is excited to continue her academic and athletic endeavors at Brescia in the future.

Robert Dugan is excited to be closer to his family at the University of North Dakota

“I’m ready to go to college and meet new people and experience living on my own,” said Dugan, who loves the interesting history of the school. He also emphasized the convenience and how everything is within a 5-10 minute walk. Dugan is ready for a fresh start while still feeling at home.

Hazel Stringer is taking her talents to the East Coast at Middlebury College in Vermont.

“There are many beautiful and interesting universities up there, but my curiosity was piqued when I came across Middlebury,” she stated. Stringer did extensive research on the school to ensure it was perfect for her, as she contacted both current and former students and watched oodles of videos. She is looking forward to new opportunities in a new place, from the coursework to the skiing hills nearby.

“I love the campus, education, and vibe and applied early decision!”

Jack Davis has decided staying in Bloomington is already perfect, as he will be heading to Indiana University. Davis has lived in Bloomington his entire life and found the university here already had what he was looking for.

“It’ll be nice to know the area when I go to college. Plus compared to other colleges I applied to, the price for IU was so much better,” said Davis. Davis looks forward to a new sense of independence in college and new beginnings.

“It’ll be exciting to create new friends, learn new things, and to live on my own.”

Katie Hickman will attend Bellarmine University in the fall. Hickman chose this school for its history and psychology department, as well as its location. Hickman looks forward to continuing her education, as well as “watching the Kentucky Derby in person.” Hickman was amazed by “how spread out the buildings were compared to other campuses [she] visited.” The Bellarmine Knights await Hickman in Louisville, Kentucky, as they hope to benefit each other later this year.

Alex Libby has committed to Bennington College, home to a unique form of education that Libby feels will fit him perfectly. 

“It has an amazing environmental science program and an innovative path that doesn’t use majors but instead allows you to follow your passion with guidance from professionals in your field.” Bennington is very small, with an average undergraduate enrollment between 750-800. What stands out to Libby is the steps the college has taken toward environmental activism.

“Some of the amazing things they do are 0 waste kitchens and classes held outside of about ten students.”

“And it’s all heated by geothermal energy,” says Libby, meaning the college is powered by renewable heat energy that provides a small land footprint. Libby has seemingly found the perfect fit in Bennington, Vermont, and is excited for this new style of learning to begin soon.

This handful of panthers already has a clear vision of where they’re headed, and we look forward to watching them excel at the next level next year.