Scratchpad welcomes student submissions

Grayson Irwin, Staff Writer

Scratchpad is an online literary magazine that was created by souths Write-On club. It has everything from poems to paintings and novels that can be submitted to be reviewed and published on the website. All of the work uploaded on the platform is student made and run. From the creations to the publishing itself, everything is done by the students. 

Write-On is a group of around 30 members who created Scratchpad. The Write-On group is dedicated to exploring the students’ creative liberties. Anson Reynolds, a junior at south, one of Write-On’s leaders, believes the literary journal is “awesome because it gives kids a space to put their art and writing out in the world.” 

The website launched mid last year and is currently taking new submissions. The original creators of Scratchpad were originally hoping to make a physical magazine to put all of their writings into, but when COVID-19 hit they had much trouble making this idea a reality. Instead they chose to make an online magazine instead. Even though this idea originated three to four years ago, they are up and running and keen to keep improving their works and website. 

Scratchpad is eager to take submissions this year and are taking them at 

Scratchpad website: