The Hoosier Hills Experience

Nino Pizzo, Staff Writer

Most think of high school classes as the usual math, science, English, history, and arts but MCCSC’s Hoosier Hills Career Center offers a different high school class experience through their distinct career pathways. Since 1991, Hoosier Hills has given students from South, North, Edgewood, and Martinsville the opportunity to take classes which prioritize hands-on experience for their designated career while also working with professionals around the area. This helps students acquire the skills to go straight into the workforce after high school if they choose to do so. 

South Senior and Hoosier Hills Student Phillip Emmert, describes Hoosier Hills as an amazing experience. “I’ve not only learned a lot about welding and industrial maintenance but also a lot about important life lessons, “ said Emmert, “[I have] also have made a lot of friends that are interested in the same things as me.”

Studying Health and Education, South Senior and Hoosier Hills Student Emma Carpenter, describes Hoosier Hills as a school that offers a unique learning experience “It’s a different workload and I’m around others with common goals.”

Carpenter knew she wanted to graduate early. Freshman year, she found Hoosier Hills through research. She saw it as a way to help her with her career goals.  

Emmert heard about Hoosier Hills through his older brother who had friends who attended. “I instantly knew it was something I wanted to do junior and senior year,” he said. Emmert took classes in welding his junior year and is currently taking classes in industrial maintenance his senior year. 

South students arrive at Hoosier Hills at 7:45 and take classes until 10:20. They then head back to South for the rest of the school day. The Hoosier Hills program offers a half day there and a half day at South for South students. There are a total of 22 pathways offered at Hoosier Hills. These include Fire & Rescue, Landscaping, Cosmetology, and Emergency Medical Services. 

Emmert would recommend Hoosier Hills to anyone who believes that they are interested in one of the pathways that they offer. “I think it’s a great thing that MCCSC offers Hoosier hills and it’s a really fun program.”

“I think it’s a good opportunity for students who are really passionate about [the pathways],” said Carpenter. 

If you are interested in Hoosier Hills, have a discussion with your counselor on whether it would be a good option for you.