BHSS coffee shop coming soon

Aidan Martin

If you’re someone who spends a lot of money on Starbucks or other local coffee shops in Bloomington, you might be excited to hear that South will soon have a coffee shop established. Principal Mark Fletcher explained that the coffee shop will possibly be organized by students, and the shop will have a few upgrades that will be added to room A242. Not only will this room be used for students to gather, but the library will also be accessible for students as well as some new improvements.

Fletcher explained that the overall purpose of the establishment of a coffee shop is to “make the room[s] more appealing for students to gather and socialize, and making it more laid-back, and also having [more] accessible outlets for students to use their devices on.”

Fletcher also mentioned that students who are in business classes will get the chance to taste test coffee blends made by Wesley Burton, a retired IT officer in Bloomington who now brews coffee for local coffee shops in Bloomington.

Business teacher Adam Price said that students who could run the coffee shop could be in charge of handling money. “Students could take care of cards or hard cash, but it hasn’t been finalized yet.” Price said.

The coffee shop will most likely have a coffee machine similar to what many fast food places have installed, which makes coffee faster for students to grab.

FACS teacher Jeana Kerr, who has been a big supporter of this, explained that students are going to be the biggest key in organizing the coffee shop.

“Many students who are taking business classes or are taking classes for me will be highly organized in this project we’re putting together, “ Kerr said. “The most important thing that will help us keep the coffee shop going is the student feedback.”

Kerr also added that the coffee shop will have specials for some days each week.

“On Mondays, we could be making pastries that will be sold as specials throughout the week. We are also getting a smoothie machine to add to the shop as well.”

“We are taking small steps to make sure this project is a success for the students, “ Kerr said.

Sophomore Kenzie Rayles says she’s excited for the coffee shop to arrive. “I’ll definitely utilize it every day and have coffee, snacks, and drinks with friends,” Rayles said.

The story will update throughout the school year…