The Panther Gala Preview

Nino Pizzo, Staff Writer

February 17th, 2023, there is a chance for students to show off their creativity in the fashion department and win big prizes. The Panther Gala is a new fashion event that will be held at South this Friday from 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. The cost to participate in an event is $5 but there is no cost to attend. “Everyone that can come should,” said senior Kiefer Kettenis, “It will be a great opportunity to see creative things that students come up with and have fun.” 

The Panther Gala takes inspiration from Met Gala but it’s catered to South students. “I was reading an article on a met gala and I thought it would be interesting to bring a met gala type event to South,” said Catya Murray.

The event will consist of three categories: cosplay, DIY sewed fashion, found object worn art. At the start of the event, there will be time for all contestants to get ready. They will then all go down the walkway and show off their outfits. Afterward, there will be a social event with food and drinks. Murray will then consult with the other judges. There will be awards for all three groups as well as a people’s choice award. “This is a totally new event and we are trying to see how it goes,” said Murray.