Teachers and students are wondering about the possibilities of Chat-GPT

Elliot Thurston, Staff Writer

Chat-GPT is an advanced AI that has blindsided school systems across the country. With teachers still unaware of the dangers and advantages that this AI provides, we could see an increase in cheating in the classroom.

Chat-GPT uses are near endless; because it can answer almost any prompt you ask it. It is able to write pages of work that is grammatically correct in mere seconds. Teachers who lack any sort of AI checking system could be affected by this AI.

Some universities on the West Coast that have noticed an increase of AI cheating, have implemented a program that detects the probability that a paper is written by AI. 

We’ve also seen positives of Chat-GPT, as business teacher Adam Price uses it as an activity in his classroom, saying how a ”Mentor coach came in to help with one of my classes…showed how the AI could help with entrepreneurship.”

Showing how certain classes can use this AI to their advantage, Price later talked about how the activity they did allowed the AI to write code and sort out information needed for a lot of their projects. This gave them the ability to cut down on time and increase their efficiency..

Junior Austin Spier said he’s played around a little on the program. “I’ve used it for entertainment to see its capabilities, and what the future holds,” he said. 

Senior Ethan Kiang, who is interested in computer science, has also check out the AI. “I first heard about it a month ago, when it was recently released to the public. Now I’ve used it on and off for fun,” he said. 

Major search engines, such as Google and Bing, have announced plans to add an AI function to internet searches in the next few months.