South Students Progress to DECA Internationals


Addison Green, Staff Writer

Select South students competed at DECA’s SCDC, State Career Development Conference, this past weekend, receiving outstanding awards. DECA is an international program promoting education and leadership through conferences, targeted at future global leaders. 

At the SCDC, a team of Juniors Ellis Clark, Anson Reynolds, and Brooke Liao ranked second in the Business Growth Plan, writing a Growth Plan paper and presenting a 15-minute presentation. Freshman Ashton Crosley achieved third place for Community Giving Project, also writing a 20-page essay beforehand, conducting an interview, and giving a presentation. Lastly, Sophomores Aiden Kerr and David Jackson won fourth place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making, taking an exam and role-playing a scenario.

Three teams composed of South students ranked high enough to progress to ICDC, International Career Development Conference. Internationals will be held in Orlando, Apr. 22-25. 

Congratulations and good luck to all teams progressing to ICDC.