South Students Review Season 3 of Outer Banks

Mia Langley, Staff Writer

        The highly anticipated third season of Outer Banks was finally released on Netflix on February 23rd, and the students of South have some thoughts. Some stayed up until 3 a.m., watched the new season during class, or even hosted a watch party to celebrate the release. To find out how South students felt about the new season, I asked them to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10.

        Senior Eva Bryant gave the season a 6/10 because it “didn’t live up to the vibe of the first season.” Bryant also said that the show’s plot seems to be “pulling stuff out of nowhere.” The new season sees a shift in the show’s focus with it being less about the “Pogue summer,” and more about the search for treasure. 

       Juniors Maddie Kawanishi, Stella Eibling, and Violet Leis watched the new season at a sleepover. 

        Kawanishi said, “It was great until the last episode, but I would give it a seven.” “It had a disappointing ending.” Violet Leis said, “I love it. I think it’s spectacular so far.” Season one saw the Pogues search for the Royal Merchant, and season two dealt with the Cross of Santo Domingo. Season three elevates the search further- to El Dorado, “the City of Gold.”

         These weren’t the only changes we saw in season three. The plot also introduced new romances between the characters. The most exciting and anticipated one being between characters JJ and Kiara. Even though she hasn’t watched season three yet, senior Kiara Erickson says, “Yeah, I think they would be cute together. I’m living vicariously through Kie.”

         Outer Banks is known to have an attractive cast, and many students would agree with  Stella Eibling being no exception. “I love Rafe,” which is slightly concerning for those who are familiar with his character. Played by Drew Starkey, the bad-boy character Rafe Cameron has become even more popular with this most recent season. “I keep seeing edits of him on Tiktok. Drew’s acting is also just really good this season,” said Eibling. 

        Sarah Cameron was one character that many people were rooting for this season. Her character development and transition from Kook to Pogue life in the earlier seasons was appreciated by fans. However this season, Sarah has seemed to turn back to her Kook beginnings in surprising ways.

        One thing that hasn’t changed this season is the rivalry between Kooks and Pogues- two groups that represent different sides of the island. This conflict has caused various issues throughout the show. The 10th and final episode has many fans wondering what will happen next. Outer Banks has officially been renewed for a fourth season, so we will likely see more treasure hunts, new romances, and Kook vs. Pogue fights.