Holiday Gift Guide


Jonathan Lim Yong Hian

Hands holding a gift box isolated on black background

Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

Holiday shopping can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to buy someone! Here are some gift ideas for everyone in your life:

Gifts under $15-

For parents:

  • Coffee- Check out Soma and Hopscotch for local blends!
  • Candles- Optimist loves the “Balsam and Cedar” scent from Yankee Candle.
  • Bubble bath- Who wouldn’t want an awesome bath bomb like this one?
  • Lotion- Winter is the season of dry skin! Give the gift of extremely moisturizing lotion like this one.
  • Mugs- A cat mug is perfect for your favorite animal lover or make a personalized DIY one.
  • Cookies- In a festive mood? Whip up some of these gingerbread men!

For friends:

  • Plants- Get a cactus for your friend with a green thumb.
  • Posters/ wall art- does your buddy have a favorite band? Check out these band posters.
  • String lights- Light up your friend’s life. String lights make every room cozy.
  • Socks- Everyone wants fuzzy socks like these.
  • Water bottle- For your eco-friendly friend. Here are some water bottles.
  • Headphones- Who doesn’t like to listen to music? Check out these headphones.
  • Winter accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.)- It’s cold! Stay warm with this warm hat.

Gifts under $50

For parents:

  • Fuzzy blankets- Help your parents keep warm this winter! This blanket is so warm.
  • Books- Check out the New York Times top books list here!
  • Pajamas-Comfy, warm, and good for a winter day. Here are some super warm ones. 

For friends:

  • Lava lamps- Make your friend’s bedroom into a super cool space. These ones are super colorful.
  • Gigantic teddy bears- Enough said. Find them here.
  • Speakers- Who doesn’t want to play their favorite music as loud as possible? Here are colorful speakers.

Gifts over $50

For parents:

  • Fitbit- Count your steps! Fitbits are available here.
  • Panini Maker- Paninis are very important.
  • Gift card for massage/spa- Life can be stressful. Give this gift to your parents, and they will love you forever. Here is a local masseuse.
  • Spotify subscription- Give the gift of music.

For friends:

  • A small animal (be sure to ask his/her parents first!)
  • Netflix subscription- Who wouldn’t want a subscription for TV and movies?
  • Durable phone case- Perfect for your friend who always breaks their phone. Check out some here.
  • Tapestries- Help your buddy decorate. Optimist loves these.