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Seniors guide to slaying at prom

Caitlin Heim and friends before prom.

South’s prom is quickly approaching and many students are excited to go, but many have never attended this kind of event before. This will be one of the biggest nights of the year and can be a bit nerve-wracking for someone that has never experienced anything like it. Here are a few words of advice from seniors that went to prom last year. 


For many people, finding a date can be one of the most stressful parts of prom, especially when it seems like everyone else has one. Here’s what seniors Adrianna Waterford and Caitlin Heim had to say about it: 

“Don’t care too much about dates. They are not that serious. If you can’t find a date to prom, just go with a friend or something like that. It’s totally fine if someone doesn’t ask you to prom, you can go with your friends and still have a great time. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get a date to prom.” -senior Adrianna Waterford said.

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“Don’t base your whole experience on whether or not you have a date. It is so much more fun to be with your friends rather than forcing yourself to spend hours with someone you’re using for pictures.” -senior Caitlin Heim said.

Appointments Before Prom

Hair, nails, makeup, and spray tans are some of the many types of appointments people may schedule before prom. These appointments can be expensive, but to a lot of students, they are worth the money. Here’s some advice that Heim had to offer:

“You obviously don’t have to have appointments for anything, but if there is one thing that you should get an appointment for, it would be to get your nails done. It’s good for your mental health. Also, have your friends do your makeup and hair because it’s fun to get ready with friends.” -senior Heim said.

Tuxes and Dresses

Your dress or tux at prom can make or break your experience at prom. Being uncomfortable or unconfident about how you look is not a fun way to spend your night. Kaden Hamilton and Heim believe that comfort and confidence are key when it comes to these items.

“Don’t buy a vest because it’s too warm and too expensive, and you don’t need it. It looks good without a vest.” -Hamilton said.

“For dresses, just wear something that makes you feel confident, not what other people tell you to wear.” -Heim said. 

Tip from Quinley, the reporter, I personally got my dress from B.loved in Seymour, Indiana. If you aren’t looking to spend an insane amount of money on a prom dress and don’t want to drive too far, I would recommend looking at My Sister’s Closet in Bloomington. They have tons of beautiful, gently used dresses that are much cheaper than a brand new dress. 


By the end of prom night, half of the girls are barefoot because of uncomfortable shoes. It is crucial to find the right shoes that won’t leave your feet cramping and blistered. Here’s what Eva Bryant and Waterford said:

“I wore blazers last year and I was by far more comfortable than everyone else because all the girls had their dogs out on the dance floor. Unless they’re gonna play ‘“Who Let the Dogs Out,’” you don’t want to have the dogs out.” -senior Eva Bryant said. 

“Definitely do not wear chunky heels because prom is in the atrium. I actually wore Converse last year. I had heels and switched to Converse that I found in my car because it was actually so bad. You will have blisters if you wear heels and you probably don’t want to put your bare feet on the school floors.” -Waterford said. 


Although pictures can be annoying for some, you will regret not taking them on prom night. Here’s some advice that Drew Chandler and Bryant had to give: 

“With the pictures, don’t argue. Just get in there, get it done, and do what your parents say. It will go by a lot quicker.” -senior Drew Chandler said.

“Don’t take plenty of formal pictures, just be snapping those things away during the night because the candid ones are the best. Also, I would recommend not going on campus to take pictures because everyone takes pictures on campus, and you gotta be a little bit original. Get creative with your pictures so they’ll stand out.” -Bryant added. 

Dinner before prom

Many people go to a nice restaurant right before prom since prom starts at 8p.m. Bryant and Waterford cautioned that you may get hungry on prom night: 

Make sure to eat plenty of food because you’ll be hungry by the end of the night” -Bryant said.

“Do your reservations in advance. Last year, people tried to do it the week before prom, and the nice restaurants were all booked out.” -Waterford said.

After prom

You have many choices of what to do after the prom at the school is over. Many people go to parties, the school’s after prom at the bowling alley, or straight to bed. Here’s some advice from Chandler and Bryant about what they think after prom should look like:

“After prom, I would suggest going to a friend’s house or party, I wouldn’t really suggest going to the after prom party [at the bowling alley], it’s not all that fun.” -Chandler said.

“If you’re a junior, I would recommend going to the school’s after prom because it’s fun and you get free food and a free t-shirt.” -Bryant said.


“You gotta learn how to dougie and learn how to dance.” -Chandler said.

“Don’t care about what other people think about you at prom because it’s about having fun and making memories. Also remember to request songs from the DJ because whatever song you want to hear, other people probably want to hear too, and they’re probably just scared to go up and request it.” -Bryant said. 

My last piece of advice is to NOT drive while impaired or let someone that has been drinking drive you around. This can be a life or death situation, and it’s important that you make the right choices. If you need a ride home, call an Uber, a trusted adult, or a sober friend. Be smart, stay safe, and have fun at prom on May 13. 

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