Imprint Project hosts trunk show

Isabelle Neal, Staff Writer

Starting Wednesday, the tables outside the cafeteria will be filled with handmade items to be sold by members of the Imprint Project at their annual trunk show.

The Imprint Project is a club at South that spreads awareness of the global issues of sex trafficking, fair trade values and human rights. The purpose of this trunk show is to help women of Cambodia who are affected by human trafficking.

All of the items sold at the show are made by women working in a sewing studio in Cambodia called byTavi. All of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to women who are put in situations that force them into human trafficking as an effort to rescue and improve their quality of life.

The president of The Imprint Project at South, junior Caroline Chang, is adamant about the impact this trunk show will have.

“It supports women who need help and essentially changes their lives, Imprint focuses on far more that just rescuing them, but rehabilitating them,” Chang said

The donations the Imprint Project makes focus on securing the safety of these women, improving their confidence and mental stability, and providing them with the knowledge they need to work.

“Many of the girls we help rescue actually end up working in the byTavi studio making the items we sell, so everything comes full circle,” Chang said.

The handmade items from byTavi being sold will range from shirts, dresses and scarves, to stuffed elephants. The price range is $7- 40.

Chang encourages all students to become involved with the Imprint Project, and attend the trunk show throughout the week.

“For a small cost on our part we get the opportunity to drastically better the lives of women who are left with no choice but to give themselves to human trafficking. It’s a truly a privilege,” Chang said.