Fashion club holds winter clothing drive

Fashion club holds winter clothing drive

Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

South’s fashion club is currently running a clothing drive to donate to the Interfaith Winter Shelter. The Interfaith Winter Shelter is held in multiple churches around Bloomington, and it is open from November to March. The shelter offers a warm place for people to sleep for people who have nowhere else to go.

Sophomore Baileigh Goodlet said that while the fashion club does not have any religious affiliations with the shelter, they felt that donating to the shelter could really help the community.

“I had previously worked at the Interfaith Winter Shelter through my church. A lot of times, people who come to stay at the shelter do not have appropriate clothing for the winter weather, and the workers can provide warm articles of clothing for them,” Goodlet said.

Junior Julia Wood said the club wanted to do a clothing drive to help people who can’t afford winter clothes.

“Our goal is to prove just how powerful clothing is, in the fact that it reaches beyond just wearing it as a fashion statement. During the winter months, those who are underprivileged don’t care what their clothing looks like. They just care that it’s warm.”

The club is asking for coats, hats, scarves, and gloves, and all clothing donations can be taken to Leigh Ann Walls’ room, A218, until January 14.