Valentine’s Day Horoscopes


Natalia Fuentes-Rohwer and Isabelle Neal








Aries: Throws boxes of chocolates at their crush

val 1

Taurus: Gives a very persuasive valentine

val 2

Gemini: Sends candy grams to every friend

val 3

Cancer: Receives a candy gram from a Gemini and sobs in gratitude

val 4

Leo: Forces their friends to play Valentine’s Day Bingo

val 5


Virgo: Goes to the store the day after Valentine’s day and buys discount chocolate

val 6

Libra: Drops off all of their friends at their dates/parties, and ends up missing their own.

val 7


val 8

Sagittarius: Orders a heart shaped pizza

val 9

Capricorn: Sends an anonymous candy gram to themselves.

val 10

Aquarius: Stalks their crush’s social media to see what they like

val 11

Pisces: Can’t decide what type of candy to get so they buy them all.

val 12