Talent show coming up

Isabelle Neal, Staff Writer

BHSS’s greatest talents will be on display 7 p.m. in Carmichael Hall this Friday at the annual Bloomington South Talent Show.

The show will feature nearly thirty acts such as singing, bands and dance routines. Each act has been rehearsing throughout the week to create the best show possible.

The event will be hosted by junior Lucia Davila and senior Jacob Sexton. Anyone is welcome, and there is an admission fee of $5.

People should come see it because there are a lot of fun and entertaining acts this year, and it’s cheap,” Sexton said.

One act performing Friday night is senior Dustin Jessmer.

“I’m performing one of my own songs off my first album I wrote with my band 11:11 Night Walk,” Jessmer said.

Jessmer will be performing without his band tonight and instead will accompany himself on the guitar.

“I’m just trying to play,” Jessmer said.