Best of Bloomington: food and drink edition

Gabbie Hetrick, Staff Writer

Because of IU, Bloomington is a very diverse place with students from all around the world and different parts of the country. This cultural diversity has led to the creation of many different ethnic restaurants, most of which can be found on 4th St. This large number of food places can be overwhelming when you are trying to choose where to eat. To help carry the burden, here are my favorite places to eat around town:


Best Pizza: King Dough

King Dough is a relatively new restaurant in town located right on the square. Their pizza is somewhat expensive, but the pizza is worth the cost. Unlike most pizza places, King Dough serves light yet fulfilling pizza that leaves you feeling satisfied after you eat it, rather than the heavy greasy feeling after eating, say, Pizza X or Pizza Hut.


Best Thai: Siam House


Best Burger: Bubs Burger, Scholars Inn Bakehouse


Best Chinese: Dragon Express


Best Soup: Darn Good Soup


Best Middle Eastern: Turkuaz, Samira’s, Falafels

Turkish and Middle Eastern food are shining stars in Bloomington, so it was hard to choose just one restaurant for middle eastern food because Bloomington has so many that are top notch. Turkuaz serves Turkish/Mediterranean, Samira’s serves Afghani and Falafels serves Middle Eastern/Greek.


Best Ice Cream: Chocolate Moose


Best Cookies: Baked

If you live in Bloomington and haven’t been to Baked, you are missing out. Baked has a homey setting and they have the unique option of creating your own cookies, from mix ins to dough.


Best Coffee: Soma, Hopscotch


Best Breakfast: Village Deli, Feast

Village Deli is a staple to Bloomington life. The townies go there for all their breakfast needs when there are two hour delays, late start Wednesdays or have breakfast cravings. In 2015 when there was a fire and Village Deli temporarily closed, Bloomington was sent into a frenzy with fans wondering where they would get their breakfast.


Best Tea: Soma