Your Bi-weekly rant: Analysis of the senior quote


Allison Neal, Co-editor

This is a study of the 90 character message asked of South seniors. This message is said to be representative of the high schooler who chooses it. It accompanies a smiling photograph of the teen in their most developed form: the year they are handed a diploma. So what is this message? I’ve divided the content of these quotes into five categories:

The classic inspiration

Example: “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”

Usually in front of serene images of oceans and sunsets, these quotes have the classic feel good vibe of a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day. Maybe they’re a bit standard. You could be accused of staying inside of the box. But they are inspirational for a reason, and if you are inspired more power to you.

What this quote type says about you

Those with classic quotes care about their audience and want them to enjoy and get something out of the words beneath their names. These seniors shoot for the stars, are relentless optimists and perhaps watch too many Disney movies.

The meme

Example: “Don’t put anything stupid for your senior quote,” – Mom

The funny quote has two sub-types, and this is the first. These quotes can be easily obtained by typing “funny senior quotes tumblr” into a search bar and scrolling until you find the right combination of #relatable and crowd pleasing comedy. Be careful to check that no one else has taken your quote, the danger in memes is that they are too good not to be repeated.

What this quote type says about you

You are with the times. You have a lot of followers on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter and you know this. You don’t want to let the public down with a boring quote and you’re not afraid to troll the yearbook staff.

The inside joke

Example: “No we’re not related.”

Jokes of the more personal nature go over well with certain crowds. Anything that fully encapsulates the humorous side of high school will suffice for these seniors. Though some might be confused, many will laugh just as hard as you did when retelling that time your best friend laughed so hard sprite came out of her nose at Olive Garden in a succinct 90 character phrase.

What this quote type says about you

If you team up with your friends with similar last names and make one big quote by arranging your phrases all in a row you are ambitious my friend. These seniors have close knit friend groups and unique senses of humor.

The enigma

Example: “New family diner features no walls, ceiling, kitchen, food, or staff! It is a vast empty field! You’re naked & alone! (except coyotes.)” (This is via the WTNV Twitter but these quotes often come with no attribution.)

These quotes are head scratchers. Whether they are intended to confuse, were written before the sun comes up, or are simply on another plane of comedy(?) I’m not sure.

What this quote type says about you

You’ve had an unconventional high school experience. You’re a free spirit who’s legacy will be as triumphant as it is perplexing.

The rule bender

Example: Anything that uses emojis, requires a change in font, or uses a modified curse word.

This form bends the usual form of the senior quote. Those attempting this type might want to check with yearbook to make sure it will actually be printed.

What this quote type says about you

You are a rebel. Your quote is so far outside of the box it’s in danger of being cut. You might have a few minor disciplinary notes on your record, but you’re cunning enough for a career of challenges.

Whatever quote you use make sure you have one. Respect yearbook’s deadline and check your quote for typos.