A Red Carpet Affair

Lindsey Bomba, Staff Writer

Bloomington High School South’s prom, “A Red Carpet Affair”, was this past Saturday. This event was hosted and planned by Junior Advisory Board.

Junior Advisory Board has been working on prom every day after school for the last month or so,” Advisory Board president Betsy Beggs said. “We’ve been working on logistics for longer than that though; you’d be surprised by how much has to be organized for prom.”

Beggs worked countless hours trying to make sure this event went smoothly. “By the time prom week came, we had most of the pieces built and ready to go; once we got most of the decorations up, we had to work on the details,” Beggs said. “We all stayed until around 11 on Friday night and through most of Saturday morning.”

The atrium was fully decorated with props related to movies like Jurassic Park and Titanic, and people dressed in elegant dresses and suits.

“We had a great group of people who were willing to work hard and make everything happen. Mrs. Smith doesn’t get enough credit for her time, she’s been so dedicated to prom for so long and we couldn’t do it without her,” Beggs said.

Beggs was even lucky enough to win prom queen. “It was a huge honor, and I’m very grateful to everyone who came to prom and everyone who helped plan it. I hope everyone had a fun evening.”