Time To Return Laptops

Layla Moore, Staff Writer

Before the end of the year, students must return their school issued laptops. All students must turn in their device, stylus and charger. Freshman, sophomore and junior students will keep the laptop case at home, but seniors must turn in their cases. If seniors do not turn in their cases, they will be charged $50.

If students do not need their devices for the rest of the year, they may turn them into the CRAM room, A235, at any time. If students need the devices until the last day of school, they may turn them into their fifth period teacher at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 24.

All devices previously owned by seniors will be issued to incoming freshmen next school year.

“If students don’t turn in their devices, they will be notified and billed $699,” said Nick Hargett, the technology coordinator at South.