How to write a resume: a certified Optimist guide

Cal Noriega, Staff Writer

As South students set out to find work over the summer, there are many hurdles they will have to leap to obtain an occupation.  Applying for a job often includes submitting a resume, which is something not everyone has created.  While writing up a resume may seem like a daunting and foreign task, but with an outline of what to do, it’s not very difficult to accomplish.  With this certified Optimist guide, writing a resume will be a breeze.


The first thing to note is the widely accepted resume outline.  The outline is as follows:



City, state, zip code



Cell phone number

Work experience


Honors and awards



When writing down your work experience, make sure to note what kind of work your previous jobs entailed.  Writing down what your previous jobs were can give employers a better idea of what skills you’ve garnered from your time in the workforce, which is especially helpful if your previous work relates to the job you’re applying for. Though it may seem obvious, employers take past work into consideration and may actually call businesses to inquire about your performance.


Listing education is different for high schoolers.  Because they don’t have as much schooling under their belts as college graduates, they don’t have nearly as much information to write down.  Because of this, it’s useful to write down significant accomplishments, such as a high GPA or frequently good grades.  Honors and awards are also important to include, as are memberships to clubs or volunteer organizations.  Finally, skills are a useful thing for employers to see, as they want people with specific skill sets that are applicable to the job they’re doing.  These skills could include being good with people, being able to lift heavy things, or having a good memory. Remember: don’t be modest, but don’t exaggerate.  For example, if you’re not proficient with Microsoft Excel, DO NOT say that you are.  Seriously, it could cost you later.  

When it really comes down to it, writing a resume isn’t such a daunting task at all.  It may be time-consuming, but it isn’t the most difficult thing to do.  Just remember to be completely honest while simultaneously selling yourself, and make an effort to come off as fresh and valuable.  If you keep these things in mind while following the presented outline, you’ll zip through your first resume without much trouble.