The new school year starts with new faces in the office and art department


Carlie Williams and Lucy French

This past summer while students were enjoying their time-off, big changes were still happening at South.  One of those changes were a new face in the main office, but no need to worry Cindy Chrzastowski is right around the corner enjoying her new position as an art teacher.  After 10 years of being assistant principal for South, Cindy Chrzastowski has decided to pass down her position to, former English Honors teacher and yearbook advisor, Kate Ratliff.  This past week Optimist took a visit to see how the two were liking their new positions so far.


Cindy Chrzastowski Q&A:

Q: How long were you Souths’ Assistant Principal and what did you teach before that?

A: : “Ten years, and then I was an athletic director for five years before that at Tri-North.”

Q: What art classes do you teach now at South?

A: ”Currently drawing and printmaking. I was at a middle school before that and I taught all of it- drawing, painting, printmaking, photography.”

Q: Which position do you like better and why?

A: “I like teaching more. Being an assistant principal was very very rewarding and it’s still working with families and kids, but it’s a lot like problem solving. It’s also not always fun; being in the classroom is just fun. I love teenagers, they’re a blast, and I get to maybe open some minds creatively.”

Q: Do you feel closer with students being their teacher?

A: “I get to know them in a different way. Ninety percent of the time I was calling people into the office that were doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing. Here they’re doing what they want to be doing. They choose to be here.”

Q: Will you still be involved with Panther Activity Council this year?

A: “Yes! Not sure what will happen after this year. I don’t have an SRT this year so it enables me to be free when those kids need me.”


Kate Ratliff Q&A:

Q: How is being assistant principal so far?

A: “It’s really different, it’s much different than teaching and having a set group of kids that you see every day and a set curriculum to follow. This (assistant principal) is a bit unpredictable. It certainly allows me to act with students who are not just in my classes so that’s been really fun.”

Q: Do you like being assistant principal or teacher better?

A: “I’ve taught longer so I know teaching better, I feel like I know how to be a teacher better, but I’m really excited about learning how to be an administrator.”

Q: Will you still help out with Yearbook?

A: “No is the hard answer, but I definitely am a resource for the editors if they have any questions about how things are supposed to be.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being the assistant principal?

A: “Well, for the most part I can drink my coffee when it’s hot as opposed to sitting it on my desk, going to teach and “oh crap, it’s cold!” and even if I have bus duty I can bring my coffee with me and I’ll drink it and “hm, it’s hot!” That’s what my favorite part is.”