New Students Explore Extracurricular Options at Purple Carpet Day

Cal Noriega, Staff Writer

A larger than usual freshman class of 472 filed in and out of the white gym this Wednesday for Purple Carpet Day.  The numerous clubs at South were doing their best to recruit incoming freshmen with tables that showcased their activities and ideologies.  Students gathered around the tables and talked with club leaders, learning important information about future events and club themes.


Freshman Simon Brown expressed his interest in game club, specifically the availability of the games “Magic: The Gathering” and “Dungeons and Dragons”.  “I love Magic because the community is great, they’re some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.” noted Brown.  “Aside from Magic, I’ve always loved tabletop games in general.  My dad got me into Dungeons and Dungeons, which I think is the most fun you can have playing a game.  You practically make it yourself!”


Freshman Mora McLaughlin said that she would be joining several clubs this year to accommodate her wide variety of interests.  “The sustainable living, backpacking, and knitting clubs involve things I already do in my spare time, so I figured I’d sign up for them anyway.  I’m also joining the writing and fashion clubs to get involved in something slightly new.”