South Sees Largest Incoming Freshman Class in Years

Chris Forrester, Staff Writer

South’s 2016-17 school year is off to a start, and with that has come the usual congestion that accompanies the beginning of a new school year, albeit in a bit larger quantity than in previous years. Complaints about the seemingly increased amounts of clogging and human traffic-jams in the halls are fairly widespread, and in part this year’s freshman class is to blame.


Whereas the 2015-16 school year saw an incoming freshman class of about 420 new students, this year’s class is significantly larger at 475. With about a total around 1800 students at South, that means the new freshman class accounts for more than a quarter of the school’s student body. But why such an increase?


BHSS Assistant Principal Chris Adduci explained that “there is no one singular item to attribute this year’s freshman class size to.” She further stated that this trend of increasing class sizes may continue over the next few years. “We have seen a steady increase in enrollment so it may continue although it is too soon to tell,” Adduci said.


The change hasn’t gone unnoticed; BHSS seniors Maris Pilgrim and Sajnee Desai noted that the size of this year’s freshman class definitely feels larger as compared to past years. “I notice it most when I’m walking up and down the stairwells throughout the day. The line of people is backed up more than usual” said Desai. Pilgrim shared similar sentiments, saying that “the stairs are so crowded that it takes multiple minutes to go up one level.”