New Student Group Promotes Environmental Sustainability

Molly Wagschal, Staff Writer

For students who are passionate about being environmentally conscious, a new student-led organization at South may be a great opportunity.

South Sustainability Initiative, or SSI, is an upcoming environmental club that focuses on projects related to conservation and sustainability. It has replaced Students Advocating for a Greener Environment (SAGE) club, which had more of a broad environmental focus.

“Sage is initiative-based, so it changed its name to focus on those initiatives,” said Amanda Figolah, a science teacher and the adviser for SAGE and SSI. Figolah said that the two environmental clubs are essentially the same, but the new name better reflects the essence of the group.

Tamar Moss, a senior and founding member of SSI, described the group as “an umbrella for all the project-based initiatives going on at South.” Moss said that the main goal for this year is to improve the recycling in the South cafeteria by installing bigger containers with informative labels.

Other project-based initiatives include the Lights Out Campaign, which encourages teachers within MCCSC to conserve energy by turning off their classroom lights, and Project Green Bathrooms, an initiative that involves installing new, efficient toilet valves and info-graphics to raise awareness of energy conservation among students.

According to Moss, there are currently “about four or five students involved in planning,” but the leaders of SSI “would like to get everyone involved.” She said that the ultimate goal of the group is to promote sustainability and get people to take action.