Power Outage Leads to Three-day Weekend

Molly Wagschal, Staff Writer

Due to power and water outages, Bloomington High School North, Tri-North Middle School, and Hoosier Hills Career Center had an early dismissal at 9:30 a.m. Friday, September 9.

Stormy weather the night before contributed to these power and water outages. Other MCCSC schools were unaffected by the storms and remained open for the duration of the regular school day.

Anna Raphael, a senior at BHSN, said she was “overjoyed” about the early dismissal. She said that, because of the power outage, students were having trouble connecting to the wifi and that the air conditioning wasn’t functioning in addition to the “pitch black” conditions.

Raphael also said that the early dismissal came as a surprise. “All the teachers kept saying there was no chance of [MCCSC] canceling school, so it was certainly unexpected!”, she said.

Maggie Bui, a junior at BHSS, said that “North was really lucky to get a day off.” However, while students at South may be jealous of the early dismissal, Students at the schools which let out early may have to compensate for the missed day.

According to the MCCSC press release, the corporation will submit “a waiver of the instructional day” to the Department of Education in order to “request not making this day up.” However, they said that if the request is not approved, the instructional day will have to be made up later in the school year.

It is still uncertain whether the highly anticipated North-South football game will be rescheduled or if its location will be changed. To check for updates, follow @SouthOptimist on Twitter.