What team? Panthers!

Mari Walter-Bailey, Staff writer/ photographer

    In 2006, the lives of millions of children were transformed drastically. The obvious reason being that this was the year the first High School Musical movie was released. HSM grasped onto the clichés of high school drama and cliques, but it also brought something new to the table- music. Now, some South students are bringing songs and choreography from the movies to South. “My friends and I have been talking about this for four years, and my mom finally said yes, that was the key.” recalls club president, Addie Benham.

    HSM club should bring quite a bit of excitement to students’ lives, as there will be multiple flash mobs throughout this year. “We’re trying to go to different places around the school… we’re gonna dance on the tables in the cafeteria for our first flash mob!” said Benham.

    The club has 40 or so people currently, but vice-president Abby Eads said that “anyone is welcome, we love friendship.” They officially meet once a month, and at this point the meetings are irregular. So, most of the choreography will have to be taught out of school or …. in secret during panther plus for example. Also, the club is getting t-shirts! “That’s really all we have” Benham said.