Top 3 reasons to take the PSAT

Cal Noriega, Staff Writer

The PSAT is an examination that offers a practice version of the SAT.  There are many reasons to take this test, but Mr. McKay was able to narrow it down to the top 3.


1.)  It’s a good way to get used to the format

“If most people had unlimited time to take the SAT, they would probably do much better on it.  The SAT is taken at a quick pace where you don’t necessarily have all the time you need to do your best.  The PSAT gets you used to that pace, the format, and the types of questions.”


2.) It’s free!

“The PSAT is a no-cost endeavor.  Instead of spending around $60 twice on the SAT, you could take the PSAT for free and then the SAT just once.”


3.) You get more than just your score
“When you get your results back, you also get your actual test back.  That way you can look at exactly what you missed.  You can also use the My College Quickstart feature which allows you to take the code on your answer sheet, go to the website to log in, and they will give you a personalized SAT study guide that shows you where you were weak and strong in certain sections so you know where to focus your efforts on the actual SAT.  A lot of students don’t utilize this feature, but it’s one of the best and biggest reasons to take the PSAT.”