New Orchestra Teacher


Junior Mel Ozturk

Layla Moore, Staff Writer, Photographer

Jane Gouker has been the orchestra teacher for decades in MCCSC middle and high schools for decades. She retired last year leaving a highly desired space open for a new orchestra teacher.

Jon Hansen was fortunate to receive the sought after position, and now teaches all the MCCSC 7-12 graders. Although many orchestra students miss Gouker, they are enjoying their new teacher.

Junior Mel Ozturk has been playing violin for 7 years and has been in orchestra with Gouker since grade 7. “I liked how she knew every single kid,” said Mel Ozturk about Gouker. But Ozturk has found that Hansen is already doing a great job with his new position. “(Hansen) has the patience of a saint. He is very approachable.” said Ozturk.

Hansen student taught with Gouker, and has been waiting for her desirable position to open up. “We have been in constant communication (since the student teaching)” said Hansen.

Hansen taught in Baltimore for years, and when the position opened up, he was quick to apply, and assumes that there were many other applicants even from out of state applying for the job.

“Gouker created a really successful program.” Said Hansen. He knows that following anybody who has created such a legacy is hard, “But the kids make it better” said Hansen, noting how supportive the students in the orchestra program are.

Hansen, like Gouker did, goes to Tri-North, Jackson Creek, South and North everyday. He plans to keep the program about the same with few changes, because of the success that the program already has.