Student honored at lunch


Sophomore Justin Robertson-Goodman was “a little surprised” today in lunch when he was called up to the front of the cafeteria. For the past four weeks, Robertson-Goodman has been holding the teacher-lot door open in the morning, smiling and wishing teachers and students a good morning. “It makes me happy to see other people smile,” he said. One of teachers he’s held the door open for, Fawn McCauley, wanted to do something in return. “I’m always carrying 14 bags of junk, and it’s so great of him to hold the door. It’s the best part of my day,” McCauley said. She and several other teachers organized the lunch-time award, which included a certificate, a pizza, a knit hat, a South sweatshirt, and Mr. True in a panther suit. The teachers have now formed a group called Panther It Forward, in which teachers nominate and recognize “students who do things selflessly.” “The idea is that maybe if you see it, you’ll start to talk about it, and maybe it’d inspire you to do some of those things that people just don’t think about.”