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Amanda Lewandowski, Staff Writer

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This morning South went on lockdown at the end of second period for about 10 minutes. South had received a call from the Indiana State Police warning that there was a dangerous drug dealer in the area, known to carry weapons. The man had a warrant out for his arrest and when approached by the police he ran away.

The Indiana State Police recommended South go on lockdown just to be safe. There are two different types of lockdown situations, this one being less serious. “Teachers should lock their doors, but carry on with business as usual,” said Assistant Principal Jay True. All outside doors to the school are locked to prevent anyone from coming inside. This type of situation happens when there is a possible threat outside of the building, students should proceed with caution through the rest of their day.

The second, more serious situation, happens when there is a person with a weapon inside the building. Teachers should lock the doors, close the blinds, and move students to the safest possible place in the room that is away from the door.

Because parents called the school to figure out what was happening, it was harder for administrators to monitor the situation. All parents received an email about the lockdown. In future situations administrators would prefer no calls from parents, as they will be notified of the situation.

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