Sounds of South performs Pippin for local students

Eric Johnsen, Staff Writer

On October 20, Sounds of South had its second of four total performances of the musical Pippin. However, this show’s audience was a tad more… juvenile than normal. In what is now a longstanding tradition, elementary and middle school students from all over Bloomington came to South to see a version of the show especially geared towards kids. Denis and Davis Joseph, who play the role of Player 1, talked about how the group gives them an opportunity to express themselves and practice their passion for singing and music in general. Aldridge Zajmi, who plays Pippin, and John Bannec, who plays Pippin’s brother Lewis, both varsity soccer players of many years, told kids that it is possible to balance Sounds of South with playing a high school sport at a high level.  Additional shows are October 22nd and October 29th, 7 p.m. in South’s Carmichael Auditorium.