We’re in deep doo-doo

Eric Johnsen, Staff Writer

South’s sewage system faced yet another problem today when a sewage pipe leading to the faculty bathroom on the first floor started leaking. According to Assistant Principal Jay True, the pipe has leaked before and may be caused by a clog in the intersection between the school’s sewage system and the city’s. The leak causes smell to emanate through the school, and the main victim is room A121, home to South’s new social studies teacher Stephanie Warner.

True gave Warner the option to move rooms, and Friday Warner and Marlyss Coats, yearbook adviser who is across the hall from Warner, moved their classes to another part of the building.

Junior yearbook staffer Zoe Berensztein said,  “It’s disgusting and it threw off our entire game. I couldn’t do my usual work and I couldn’t breathe in there.”

City of Bloomington Utilities and South maintenance workers are still working to resolve the problem.