PAC Food Drive


Molly Wagschal, Staff Writer

Starting Nov. 7, the Panther Activity Council (PAC) will be holding its annual food drive. The proceeds from the drive will go to Hoosier Hills Food Bank and South’s division of Backpack Buddies.

According to a study by Feeding Indiana’s Hungry and Feeding America, one in six Hoosiers rely on food pantries and meal service programs as their main source of food. Both of the organizations which the food drive will benefit help in aiding these people.

Hoosier Hills Food Bank is a non-profit organization that distributes food to many people in Monroe county and five other Indiana counties. Backpack Buddies is a program in which volunteers assemble backpacks of food for elementary and high school students of low-income families to take home for the weekend, providing a discreet solution to the problem of having enough food for the family.

The PAC food drive is in the form of a competition; students bring in canned goods to their first period classes, and the class with the most cans wins. The winning class will be rewarded with a breakfast party.

Senior PAC member Makayla Williams said, “I highly suggest that everyone donates because it’s for a good cause.” She added that she hopes the freshman classes will get competitive and collect more cans as a result. “I know I will donate,” Williams said.